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Presenting Sponsor

Very Special Thanks to Skylight Psychedelics for making AWAKE Festival possible with their generous support...

Skylight Psychedelics

Skylight prescribes ketamine for depression, PTSD & other conditions to be used in therapist’s offices & also provide ketamine-assisted therapy training.

Stage Sponsors

Visit one of four stages brought to you by these generous partners...

Yoga Center of Denver

Yoga Center of Denver is clean, bright and fully equipped with props used in the practice of Iyengar Yoga, including custom-made wall ropes. We ask that students arrive with their own mat. We have rental mats available. Please see Studio Etiquette for additional information about the studio.​Yoga Center of Denver offers regularly scheduled classes and specialty workshops. For a description of our classes, please see our Class Description page.

Nate Ewert, LMT, Healer Somatic Synergies

What if it is possible to heal anything and everything? What if you have always had everything to do that within you? 
At Somatic Synergies, we believe you are capable and have everything it takes to accomplish your goals for health, wellness and longevity for your life. We invite everyone to explore and experience their own journey through presence, awareness, trust and harmony.  We do this through advanced massage and healing modalities, mindful movement classes, transformational breathwork, workshops and special events and retreats to give you space to choose how you interact with your body, mind and spirit.

Wild Souls Yoga

We, like you, are looking to create our most mindful, soulful, authentic lives, one creative choice at a time.

We are passionate about cultivating opportunities to gather intentionally with community in heartfelt ritual.

We love to learn about the wise nature of the Feminine and embody the Feminine in our everyday lives.

 We also seek ways to deepen our self-care & wellness practices, and to live each day with more intention & soul!

And we are here to share all of this with YOU!

Featured Vendors

Conscious Business Connections 

CBC is a community of business leaders passionate about building relationships, self awareness, and making the world a better place for current and future generations. 


Visit AWAKE Festival's 30+ Wellness-themed vendors...

One Tree Wellness

One Tree Wellness, located in Evergreen, focuses on taking preventative measures to ensure personal wellbeing. Services include our signature soundwave infused hydrotherapy, quantum biofeedback, and a stunning salt cave. One Tree exists to guide others on a path to wellness and awareness of the mind, body, spirit and breath. One Tree is a relaxing space where you can feel grounded and in tune.

Eye Rise Art 

Eye Rise Art LLC is an artist and brand native to Colorado. Eye Rise is a self-affirmation and reminder to rise up out of fear, illusion, and sadness. Visit for more info.

Shakti Witch

Tracey Lanham, Shakti Witch, leads ceremonies and classes to connect you with your Divine, intuitive wisdom. Her offerings include tarot card guidance, community card reading, devotional coaching, meditation, archetype and mythology exploration and flower essences consults to support your spiritual and energetic needs. 

Better Being Bodywork 

I'm Dana Llewellyn of Better Being Bodywork--a denver-based massage and manual therapist. Using a broad range of hands-on modalities, I remove restriction to restore function. The systems of the body are intricate and interconnected, none operating in isolation. My goal as a bodyworker is to tune into the inner wisdom of each person and harmonize the body's systems, contributing to a stronger individual. Modalities offered at AWAKE Festival: Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral Therapy.


Coincide acts as a landing place to move the body and connect to your inner wisdom. Coincide Yoga classes are designed to ease you into an at-home yoga practice that's non-intimidating and accessible. Through focused mini courses we’ll explore Eastern practices, spirituality, health, and integrated wellness. Outside of yoga, we highlight brands creating non-toxic, zero waste products aiming to keep you healthy and make the earth happy.

Lenka Dostalova: Health/Life Coach and Holistic Healer: Green Juice Smoothies

Let’s sip on what Mother Nature has to offer for us together. Green smoothies to live for!!!! 💚

I’ve always wanted to make people happy, and I did that as a floral designer for 15 years. My purpose became stronger, and I wanted to make this feeling of happiness in people last for longer, perhaps a lifetime. So, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming certified holistic life/health coach.

As your coach I’m here for you to inspire you. To show you that life is beautiful. To teach you that you don’t have to just dream and say, “maybe one day”.  To make you believe in yourself so you can change your life, make your life into what you want and become your true self.

I’m here to give you tools that will get you closer to where you want to be in life.

I’m here to show you that loving yourself is the best thing you can give yourself and others.

Brain Jewells

Brain Jewells® is a sustainable wearable art line and transformation products for movement, sports, travel and life. We have energetic products (clothing & accessories, fabric design, wall art, and jewelry) designed in Colorado and made from Henry Bergeson Kaleidoscope images. We use eco-poly, hemp and organic cotton fabrics. The powerful, geometric and mandala images add color and energy to your world. Our research shows increased alignment and subtle energy field balance when interacting with the patterns. 13 Brain Jewels® is a coaching game that uplifts, re-educate your energy system and brings insight to your desired outcomes.

Cynde Denson

Cynde is an empowering  Co-Active® Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness teacher who has studied with numerous well-known teachers in the Insight Meditation tradition.

She has been coaching individuals since 2015 and teaching mindfulness and yoga for over 25 years. Much of that time, she was concurrently working in a demanding corporate career. She also holds multiple certifications in leadership, productivity and the DISC system of behavioral styles.    

Cynde has a deep passion for supporting others to examine their belief systems and reach their full human potential. Cynde, her husband Craig, and their lovable black Lab Cloey live, play, and work in  Conifer, Colorado.

Remember Your Wings & Grama Tortoise

Sometimes you need a spark of insight, a gentle release, or a connection to something bigger than yourself. Then you feel your wings opening! We work from the soul perspective. We assist you in seeing what’s true, rather than making predictions. We’ll address your soul lessons, misbeliefs, highest possibility and healing.

We move according to your soul’s readiness. You’ll receive Divine guidance on the questions you ask, but often what Spirit wants you to know goes deeper. It is helpful to come to your session with curiosity and and open mind.You’ll heal what you’re ready to heal. Cords can be cut, old stories released and wounds healed, often instantaneously. But healing is an unwinding that can sometimes take a little time.

Mariposa Massage (Mary Stipe) 

Based in Evergreen, Colorado working with clients of the foothills and ski slopes of Denver, Mariposas Massage; Mary Stipe transform your body using Swedish, Deep Tissues, Trigger Pointing, JROM (joint range of motion) energy work; Reiki II (is to Japan) and Huna Kane II (is to Hawaii) and hot stones.

Brighter Day Studios

We are a Conifer CO based crystal, home decor and jewelry business. 
We create products using natural materials that are ethically sourced and strive 
to bring a sense of joy and make our customers' days feel brighter!

Studio B Yoga

A community driven yoga studio in the Colorado mountains. Daily classes, workshops and events to balance mind, body, & spirit.

Genesee Nutrition

At Genesee, it’s our mission to provide delicious and nutritious snacks for people on the go. We love getting outdoors, exploring, traveling, adventuring, and we want to encourage everyone else to love it too! Our protein bars are perfectly designed for a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle!

New Vibes Health & Acupuncture

New Vibes Health & Acupuncture is a holistic medicine clinic in Denver, CO specializing in pain relief, digestive health, emotional balancing and optimal wellbeing. We offer acupuncture, herbal medicine, fire cupping, massage therapy, and a variety of other holistic therapies.

Ky Gabriel - Peacock Arts & Divya Stones

Ky Gabriel is an intuitive and an artist as well as a spiritual practitioner, teacher, ceremonialist, and kirtan wallah. She will be featuring her beautiful handmade, gemstone malas (traditional prayer beads) and offering a mala making workshop at Awake Festival! She has been practicing yogic traditions since the age of two and brings a lifelong devotion and passion to her work. In addition to mantras, malas and kirtan music, Ky will be offering her intuitive crystal casting divination readings called Divya Stones ™. She interprets the energies of the stones coupled with the symbols where they land on her custom divination board to give a complete, insightful and supportive reading.

Prapatti Props Yoga/Meditation Props

Prapatti Props Yoga/Meditation Props. 7 heights available to meet your body’s structural needs.  If you struggle to find comfort in the seated meditation pose, Maria the owner of Prapatti will be available to alleviate physical obstacles to your practices.  


Lightweavers is a whole-hearted holistic healing practice comprised of Haile Meirow and Ella Murphy. The duo weaves together a guided plant spirit meditation and soulfully crafted live music to create a harmonizing experience.

The soundscapes are created to bring you deeper into the energetic footprint of each plant, resonating with their spirit through Haile’s vibrations of music. Expanding the experience into realms of sweet healing and integration. 

Each journey is woven with a sharing of the specific plants medicine through teachings of their physical, spiritual and emotional healing properties. Allowing those gathering to draw connections between their shamanic experience and what we know to also be true through modern science. 

Culminating in a sharing circle, Lightweavers aims to reconnect people with the magic and medicine that can be found through presence with music and plant spirit. 

Dever Spore Company

A Denver based ever growing online store for fungal genetics. Nationwide shipping. Beginner friendly kits and strains. 3rd party lab tested potency profiles. Magic mushroom spores, LC and grow bags.

The Fairy Garden

The Fairy Garden offers a hair sparkle service. We crochet sparkles onto one strand of your hair at a time. This creates a look to inspire and elevate your energy. Fun for all ages! We are so excited to also be offering specific micro-current frequency sessions (with or without sparkles) as well as more information about a frequency device called the Healy.

Hearten Creations

We are here to guide you on your path to spiritual transcendence, reminding you that you have the power to unleash the energy that is already within.

Bhojanic Market

Through the Bhojanic restaurant and Bhojanic Catering & Events operations, Chef Archna Becker is quickly becoming one of the most recognized Indian food purveyors in Atlanta. After much success, all of this led to the build out of a brand new 4,000 square foot catering kitchen just a few years ago in 2016. 2020 marks the beginning of Tandoori Pizza and Wing Co. concept, as well as bringing Bhojanic to market through regional grocery stores.

Quantum Life Mastermind

The Quantum Life Mastermind is a community of like-minded individuals who are on a journey of self-discovery and expansion. Through weekly group coaching and one-on-one sessions, we uncover & unleash your inner power so you become successful in every aspect of life.

Vasphota Wellness

My name is Dr. Tova Sardot (PhD) and I help people enhance the experience of their lives by being a guide during their evolution in consciousness. My approach utilizes a mixture of ancient and modern tools tailored to your genetic blueprint. Programs are personalized to meet you at your current state. These often utilize mindset, lifestyle, breath work, meditation, and intuitive guidance. Your program will be completely individualized for you. Working with me will lead you to a greater understanding of yourself on all levels (physical, mental, spiritual). This generates feelings of freedom, fulfillment, and confidence that lead you show up in your life as your True Self.

Enso Sounds

  The enso is a hand-painted circle, drawn in one smooth stroke, one smooth exhale. It is complete, yet incomplete. It is full, yet empty. It is perfect in its imperfections. Each is different. As are each of us - complete, full, perfect: unique. Take a pause from the hustle of the festival to experience a short gong immersion. Fully surrounded by ten gongs, lie back in a zero gravity chair to find a moment of stillness, by yourself or with a friend.

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