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Presenting Sponsor

Very Special Thanks to Skylight for making the second annual AWAKE Festival possible with their generous support...

Skylight Psychedelics

Skylight prescribes ketamine for depression, PTSD & other conditions to be used in therapist’s offices & also provide ketamine-assisted therapy training.

Stage Sponsors

Visit one of four stages brought to you by these generous partners...

Conscious Business Connections 

CBC is a community of business leaders passionate about building relationships, self awareness, and making the world a better place for current and future generations. 

Yoga Teacher Conf

As yoga teachers, we provide a safe space of non-judgment for our students where they can quietly sit with themselves and feel accepted just as they are.

Yoga instructors need safe spaces like that too. Spaces where we can decompress and explore our own forgotten places. Spaces that encourage us to go deeper into our bodies and our beings, where we can unashamedly fill our own cup in order to help and guide others to fill theirs. 

The Yoga Teacher Conf is the ONLY conference just for yoga teachers that provides affordable continuing education, community support and connection. We have a safe space just for yoga teachers to learn, grow, and engage in deep conversations with fellow yoga teachers.

Join us for our conferences, events and classes.

EMPOWER - Chicago - Sept 23-25, 2022

ELEVATE - Denver - April 2023

Online classes and workshops


Visit AWAKE Festival's 30+ Wellness-themed vendors...

Taspen's Organics

Taspen's Organics | Taspen's is not just another skin care and wellness company. We are on a mission to make our customers healthier. We are committed to healthy skin, body and healthy people.

Shakti Witch

Tracey Lanham, Shakti Witch, leads ceremonies and classes to connect you with your Divine wisdom. In addition, she offers tarot card guidance, devotional coaching, flower essences consults and custom prayer bead construction to support your spiritual and energetic needs. 

Reiki Healing Society 

The Reiki Healing Society helps people heal and thrive through Reiki and Yoga. 

We offer:

  • Immersive healing programs so that you can put the gift of Reiki into practice in your life
  • Reiki treatments both virtually and in-person
  • Weekly yoga classes to nourish the full spectrum of your mind, body and spirit
  • Reiki trainings: Level I through Reiki Master
  • A small (but mighty) list of Reiki-inspired handmade products
  • Yoga private lessons for beginner yoga enthusiasts and #highlymodified therapeutic yoga classes
  • Transform from a gifted Reiki student to Reiki practitioner with our Go Pro with Reiki course (coming soon!)

Solstice Wellness 

Solstice Wellness was established with the purpose of helping others by providing the highest quality products available in the CBD industry.

We are committed to operating with the highest degree of integrity and compliance so that all of our products maintain the beneficial properties of this wonderful plant.

Eye Rise Art 

Eye Rise Art LLC is an artist and brand native to Colorado. Eye Rise is a self-affirmation and reminder to rise up out of fear, illusion, and sadness. Visit for more info.

Open Mind Space, LLC 

Open Mind Space, brings psychedelic-assisted therapy to Evergreen, Colorado.

Personalized mental health treatment from a board-certified physician, experienced in psychedelics with training in trauma, internal family systems, ecotherapy and more.

Better Being Bodywork 

I'm Dana Llewellyn of Better Being Bodywork--a denver-based massage and manual therapist. Using a broad range of hands-on modalities, I remove restriction to restore function. The systems of the body are intricate and interconnected, none operating in isolation. My goal as a bodyworker is to tune into the inner wisdom of each person and harmonize the body's systems, contributing to a stronger individual. Modalities offered at AWAKE Festival: Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral Therapy.

OYA Femtech Apparel

Inspired and tested by OB/GYNs, OYA is technically advanced apparel that focuses on women's health. 


Whether you love yoga, running 5ks, cross-training or just need cute and comfy athleisure, our patent pending designs help you with sweat, moisture management, and odor control.

Conscious Business Connections

We’re a community of business leaders who are passionate about building relationships, personal growth and making our world a better place. 

Our vision at CBC is creating a more joyful and sustainable world. As our members and their businesses thrive, the positive impacts spread for the good of humanity.

True Yoga

True Yoga facilitates a place for the community to come together in breath, movement, connection and healing. Our space welcomes you with a beautiful, naturally lit studio, full locker rooms and a retail boutique. We offer a variety of yoga styles from Heated Power Vinyasa to Gentle Yin. True Yoga: where heart and body connect.

Root to Rise

"At Root To Rise we believe awareness and authenticity are the keys to greater happiness and fulfillment. Using safe, inclusive mindfulness practices, we help kids, adults, and families create deeper awareness and inner coping resources that support cognitive, emotional, and social development."

Lenka Dostalova: Health/Life Coach and Holistic Healer

I’ve always wanted to make people happy, and I did that as a floral designer for 15 years. My purpose became stronger, and I wanted to make this feeling of happiness in people last for longer, perhaps a lifetime. So, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming certified holistic life/health coach.

As your coach I’m here for you to inspire you. To show you that life is beautiful. To teach you that you don’t have to just dream and say, “maybe one day”.  To make you believe in yourself so you can change your life, make your life into what you want and become your true self.

I’m here to give you tools that will get you closer to where you want to be in life.

I’m here to show you that loving yourself is the best thing you can give yourself and others.

Creating Space Home Organizing

"If you want to fly, give

up everything that

weighs you down."



In-person and virtual

organizing sessions and consignment sales. 

Helping you work through what to

hold on to and what to let go of. 

Tap Into Pleasure

With focus on sexual wellness and education, Tap Into Pleasure offers sex coaching and concierge services, as well as educational workshops. Founded by Coach JO, Tap Into Pleasure aims to guide its clients along their journey to reconnection with their sexual selves. No matter your gender, sexual orientation, or relationship style, everyone deserves pleasure.


Turning Point

Jacqui is a Registered Nurse who provides holistic health, wellness, and life coaching.  Medically, she has experience with acute and chronic disease, illness, and trauma.  She utilizes a holistic and naturopathic approach to care and coaching.  She works with her clients to dive deeply into their limiting beliefs and behaviors, reframe and restructure their thoughts and behaviors resulting in lifelong changes. Jacqui empowers her clients to take ownership of their own health and wellness, which leads to lasting and profound transformations from the inside out.  She has a special interest in working with clients who are Highly Sensitive. 


Raw Evolution

We at RawEvolution are healthfully decadent, serving minimally processed, “raw vegan comfort foods” made from the freshest organic ingredients!

Natural living foods give us an energetic glow. We provide food in nature’s purest state, without their vitamins, enzymes or energetic life burned away. All raw. All vegan. 

Our recipes, while decadent and delicious, are some of the healthiest foods one can eat, with no refined sugar, gluten, dairy or meat. They are made entirely from fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and honey/maple syrup, strengthening the body’s innate healing ability as well as cultivating a consistent natural high.

We are what we eat. Why not eat vibrant living foods!

After all, health is self-love. Our core customers are those seeking a deeper level of healing.

And special at Awake Festival… since raw food is likely new to many.... we will provide the occasional cooked meal as well, so all are satisfied.

Your body is a temple. May our food be your prayer.


Brain Jewells are energetic products (clothing & accessories, fabric design, wall art, and jewelry designed in Colorado--made with Henry Bergeson Kaleidoscope images. They feature powerful, geometric and mandala images that add healing, color and pattern to your world.

We use eco-poly, hemp and organic cotton fabrics. 13 Brain Jewels and Brain Jewells uplift and re-educate your energy system.

Wild Wisdom Coaching 

Maria Rosa Galter is a Nature-Connected Life Coach and Transformational Wilderness Guide. As a Life and Soul Guide, she guides you to look to Nature for the answer to what's next.  With Nature as co-guide, you tap into your unique wild wisdom to discern your next steps forward. 

Maria helps you see with new eyes your inner and outer wilderness, and guide you as you create meaning of the signs and symbols Creation offers you. Like a midwife supporting the emergence the new, she helps you incorporate this wild wisdom into your new life story.    

Wild Wisdom Coaching offers many pathways to your soul-directed life:

  • Nature Connected Life Guiding
  • Soul Guiding
  • Wild Wisdom Experiences

* Coaching is offered in both English and Spanish.

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