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Experience the true YOU at an AWAKE Deep Dive! EnJOY a one-day journey into life's most important philosophies, teachings and practices lovingly led by your favorite instructors. Spend the day in a supportive and safe retreat environment where you can drop in deeply, learn and grow. Transcend ego/small, limited self and get to know your true unlimited, peaceful and wise Self. Workshop topics and practices may include mindful meditation, gentle asana, dharma talks, qi gong/ti chi, music, chant, yoga nidra and more.

Rhythms and Rituals for Creating Peace Within

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Damon Zen Drummer & Lauren's Sukha

Damon, Zen Drummer, is a former Self Realization Fellowship monk (yogananda-srf.org) and professional musician. Lauren Adamo is a trained cacao facilitator and yoga instructor.

AWAKE founder, Erik Vienneau, LPC

Erik is the Founder of AWAKE Mindful Living. He offers individual and couples psychotherapy sessions. Erik has more than 20 years of mindful living practice and is a graduate of Naropa University's unique and highly sought-after Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling Program. Erik is dedicated to meeting you where you are along the path of wellness to offer you guidance and support to create a more peaceful and health filled life. 

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