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Experience the true YOU at an AWAKE Deep Dive! EnJOY a one-day journey into life's most important philosophies, teachings and practices lovingly led by your favorite instructors. Spend the day in a supportive and safe retreat environment where you can drop in deeply, learn and grow. Transcend ego/small, limited self and get to know your true unlimited, peaceful and wise Self. Workshop topics and practices may include mindful meditation, gentle asana, dharma talks, qi gong/ti chi, music, chant, yoga nidra and more.

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Upcoming Deep Dives co-facilitated by AWAKE founder, Erik Vienneau, LPC-C

Erik is the Founder of AWAKE Mindful Living. He offers individual and couples psychotherapy sessions. Erik has more than 20 years of mindful living practice and is a graduate of Naropa University's unique and highly sought-after Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling Program. Erik is dedicated to meeting you where you are along the path of wellness to offer you guidance and support to create a more peaceful and health filled life. 

June 5

Qoya and Earth Meditations

We will be connecting with nature and our bodies as sacred Earth through mindfulness and movement outside. The embodiment practice is based on Qoya, which helps us remember through movement.  We remember that our essence is wise, wild and free. Wise, wild and free reference the types of movement practiced in a Qoya class–Wise: the wisdom of linking movement with breath and intention, and being present in the body, Wild: the creative expression of free dance, Free: expanding your capacity to enjoy your body by being honest in your movement. 

We will honor nature through a sacred exchange breathing meditation practice and creating Earth alters to express our gratitude for Mother Earth. We will enter the labyrinth with a question or intention and mindfully walk to listen for guidance, and once in the center, we will ground into what we want to bring out with us into our lives and spread out into the world. 

What to expect: 

Begin your day with meditation and movement. Nourishing lunch will be provided to support your day. 

All levels welcome and no experience necessary.  

About Dr. Heidi Saltzman

Dr. Heidi is an intuitive healer, licensed psychologist, embodied movement teacher, artist and mom. Her sacred work is to help people connect to themselves, each other and the Earth. She works collaboratively and holistically with people of all ages, exploring emotional, behavioral, mental and spiritual factors. She has been practicing psychotherapy with adults, adolescents, children and families since 1995. Dr. Heidi offers therapy, workshops and retreats on her majestic land in Bailey, Co. She has been blessed recently expand into more of herself by moving her psychology practice outside and connecting more to the amazing innate healing power of the body and nature. She is always a learning more from our mother and the synchronicities that being barefoot in the wild provides, so that she can share this connection and awareness of magic with others.

Special visit June 5 by AWAKE Fest Musician John Brewster! 


July 17

Infusing Qi (Chi) into our Life's Practice

This deep dive is a community experiential movement, utilizing the Life Force ( Qi or Prana) Through the prism of the Art forms of Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and Qi expression & healing. We will investigate how we all can benefit from the cultivation of Qi, as Healers, Yogi's / Practitioners, Warriors of Energy & Spirit, and Artists of all kinds. By increasing our perception and harmonization of the Elements, with respect to Energy and our Bodies, we can charge vessels (ourselves, crystals, wands, pens, beads, brushes, swords, fans, acu needles, etc..) with Qi and intention, Ground and earth effectively, Heal ourselves and others, regulate our Fields  of Energy for wellness, And address the complete Holistic health mandala through a Guided practice. Afterwards We can leave the practice feeling Nourished, grounded, inspired, focused, healthy, relaxed, and a bit more capable of harmonizing our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic beingness for wellness and expression.

About Hasan Rucker

Hasan Rucker teaches ancient, contemporary, and traditional Holistic energy-based movement art forms through systematic, progressive, and profound training methods. Hasan is a lover of life, movement, health, spirituality, knowledge, and mysticism. He seeks to utilize his aspirations to advance human culture and well-being, using mind, body, and spirit expansion techniques. Since his early days interning with art department and physical education teachers in High School, Hasan’s desire to find the links between mind, body, spirit, and energy has led him upon a path of discovery. This Quest particularly led him to the mind, body, spirit arts of China, in the form of Wushu Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, and Meditation.  While In China Hasan learned esoteric and modern practices centered upon the balance of Yin and Yang. Due to China’s unique history of the Shaolin Temple being so intimately related with India, helped direct Hasan’s mind into the world of Yogic knowledge, Buddhism, and sutra.  Hasan immediately developed a connection with Bodhidharma and his Spiritual quests from India to China. Upon returning home, Hasan entered into a disciple program of the “Self-Realization fellowship,” of Paramahansa Yogananda to further his experience of the Yogic Kriya, Philosophy, and Physiology systems. While using his Kinesiology degree in Exercise Physiology, he began to form a unique synchronicity of all the wonderful biorhythms unlocked while practicing these wonderful systems coherently. Truly their efficacy went far beyond titles, names, and country borders. From daily astute Practice of these Holistic Systems, Hasan engendered an ethos predicated upon nurturing the ideal that the human potential is limitless and available to all mankind. Today, Hasan by day works as a “Holistic Health and Wellness ” Supervisor at "Girard Medical Center ,” and works with a team of Dance Movement therapists, Art therapists, and Music Therapists to help Philadelphia’s Populations in need of Health assistance.  During the evening Hasan follows his energetic calling and teaches Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Martial arts ( Wushu Kung Fu), and Prana /Qi healing.   

August 21

Treading the Inner Path: Poetry + Mindful Meditation

Come explore your creative side by allowing your mind to see poetry all around you. Listen to inspiring poems while using them to bring yourself into a deeper meditative state. Try your hand, with some instruction, at writing some poetry of your own. No expectation to share but simply be safe in your own internal space.

Retreat will include:
- breath/body meditation
- mindful listening meditation
- self-compassion silence 
- writing with present moment awareness

About Jen Pearson, LPC

Jennifer B. Pearson, LPC. Jen leverages her 20+ years of field experience to support, inspire and further develop our staff of licensed therapists. Ms. Pearson's work as a counselor focuses on the present moment. She believes that we need to investigate the past but not re-traumatize ourselves by re-living those memories. With present focused positive psychology, we take control of what is causing suffering today and learn how to retrain our mind to make better choices in the future. Jen values the connection between herself and her client as the primary trusting tool as we work toward awareness and safety. This therapeutic alliance is the key to creating the life you want! 

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