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Experience the true YOU at an AWAKE Deep Dive! EnJOY a one-day journey into life's most important philosophies, teachings and practices lovingly led by your favorite instructors. Spend the day in a supportive and safe retreat environment where you can drop in deeply, learn and grow. Transcend ego/small, limited self and get to know your true unlimited, peaceful and wise Self. Workshop topics and practices may include mindful meditation, gentle asana, dharma talks, qi gong/ti chi, music, chant, yoga nidra and more.

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Upcoming Deep Dives

Spend a day learning and practicing mindfulness with top guides

Jan. 16

Explorations in the Vibrational Universe | Join Asiana and Michael as we explore the vibration of ourselves in relationship with the Universe. We will journey through our body as the portal; sound, breath and movement will be our guide.  Soundscape accompaniment with live hand pan, singing bowls, and other instruments will support tuning our way.

About Asiana Harper:

Asiana has always been intrigued with the elements and how they  interact in embodiment and our relationship with planet earth.   Growing up in the mountains of Colorado invited much exploration in the forest where Asiana developed an endless appreciation and curiosity for Nature.  These experiences brought her into the teachings of Ayurveda and Yoga, facilitating greater access to our inherent vitality.  She is honored to be collaborating with her partner, Michael Fitzgerald, inspiring an even  deeper exploration into the wonderment and mysteries of this vibrational Universe. 

About Michael Fitzgerald:

A musician for over 35 years, Michael has studied, performed, and composed within a wide variety of musical styles and instruments. Offering a musical journey colored by modern, classical, folk, Indian, and Spanish influences, Michael transports listeners to sacred and mysterious spaces in exploration of light and dark though the vibration of sound. A deep relationship with tone and rhythm can be seen and felt in his energy and expression. Whether playing handpan, guitar, singing bowls, percussion, DJing Michael provides a captivating experience that evokes a spectrum of emotion and sensation.


Jan. 16 Schedule...

8:45 am - Arrive, settle in

9 am – Welcome: Flow of the Day, Community Check- in, Guided Meditation w/ Erik

10 am – Intro into the Vibrational Universe into gentle Asana with live music w/ Asiana + Michael

12 pm – Vegetarian/GF/DF Lunch

1 pm – Sound meditation/restorative Yoga with Nidra

2:30 pm – Ecstatic dance Elemental Movement Journey

3:30 pm – Community Sharing/Closing Chants/Aspirations

4:00 pm – Retreat concludes – bring your practice home with you for daily use

*Schedule Subject to Change.

Feb. 13

A Mindful Exploration of the "Four Agreements" 
Nourish your soul with a day of cognitive and somatic explorations, applying the foundations of  "The Four Agreements," a spiritually-classic and foundational text by Don Miguel Ruiz. These life-changing agreements are: 1) Be Impeccable With Your Word; 2) Don't Take Anything Personally 3) Don't Make Assumptions and 4) Always Do Your Best.
We will practice what it means to implement the four agreements into your life, letting go of self-limiting beliefs with our facilitators in a safe space. Our deep dive includes a mix of concise and practical teachings; silent, guided, seated and walking meditations; mindful movement and community connection. All of this will provide you the tools to step into more joy, bliss and peace in your life.

About Kristin McGinnis:

Combining skills from years in luxury hospitality management, Master’s studies in sustainable business and a passion for building conscious relationships, Kristin launched her dream business in 2021: Conscious Business Connections.

Kristin strongly believes in the protection and preservation of wealth to preserve family businesses and sustain community growth. It is also her personal passion to help protect the world's big cats and to make a difference in the way we produce, manage, and consume the world’s vital resources.

Kristin is an active member of the community. She currently serves on the Advisory Board for The Denver Foundation and is on the planning council for the Society of Trust & Estates Practitioners. She formerly served on the board of the Denver Global Chamber and Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable. In her free time, she enjoys spending time at events, volunteering, traveling and being out in nature – yoga, hiking, golfing and skiing to name a few.

March 13

Unwinding Ourselves From Culture, Story, & The Past

You have an essential ‘being-ness.’  You can probably sense this, although knowing and feeling it fully might be elusive.  The world we live in and the culture around us work to keep us outwardly focused.  We are taught to look outward to gain our sense of value and purpose.  However, this outward focus can leave us unmoored from our deepest strength. 

In this day-long retreat, we will explore and reconnect to who we really are - in this moment - well beyond who we ‘think’ we are.  Through neurogenic tremor, nondual embodiment, and sound, we will meet ourselves - maybe for the first time.  And this isn’t just a feel-good event.  You’ll learn easy take-home practices to keep you living from your core essence.

About Travis Rumsey:

Travis Rumsey | I believe that each and every one of us was born with a bright, loving, and complete core. My work is helping people unwind from the illusions that keep them from living from this core essence. I teach pragmatic, science-based tools that give you ownership of your own growth.

April 3

Transformational Healing from the Inside Out - A Functional Medicine Approach

Join Dr. Tammy Sorenson Besher, doctor of acupuncture, board certified acupuncturist, board certified Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP), clinical nutritionist, certified yoga instructor and meditation and breathwork specialist for a deep dive into creating a new mind, heart and body coherence that is inspired from a functional medicine and mindfulness perspective.  On this day-long, inside-out awakening retreat Dr. Tammy will create awareness on the "5-Pillars of Health." They are healthy relationships, exercise/movement, stress modulation, sleep hygiene and nutrition. Dr. Tammy has generated health and wellness with hundreds of her patients, has a daily personal mindfulness-practice, has overcome her own health anomalies with a whole-health journey and is an expert in the field of wellness. You’ll receive clear, concise and actionable teachings on the 5-Pillars, guided meditations, a nourishing lunch, plenty of time for Q + A , community connections and so much more. Not only will you learn, but there will be plenty of time to practice present moment peacefulness in a safe, grounded, mindful container that is the AWAKE deep dive. Our goal is to shower you with so much love, gratitude, mindfulness and age-old wisdom that you’ll leave feeling nourished, excited and inspired for your journey to wholeness.


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