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AWAKE Mindful Therapy helps people create freedom and peace with whatever is going on in life.


​Depression, anxiety, panic, anger, self-doubt, fear and other challenging emotions can seem insurmountable. They’re not. It’s our instinct to run from painful emotions. But, what we resist... persists. The solution is to confidently - yet compassionately - go towards the pain. Sound scary? It can be difficult alone but it's do-able together and it's way better than letting the issues consume you! We will go beyond traditional talk therapy to work on a brain-body level to reduce your stress and gain more life satisfaction. Let's collaborate to support you in making what seems unworkable, workable. Come transform confusion, fear and limitations into freedom, meaning and joy.


AWAKE Therapy can help you...

  • Create a plan to help you thrive
  • Find solutions for your most pressing concerns
  • Reground when you feel out of control
  • Safely re-write old, limiting patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Help you communicate more fully and supportively with your partner, friends and family.
  • Skillfully guide you along the path to more peace, fulfillment and life gratification.


So you can...

  • Relax, enjoy life and have some fun!
  • Be comfortable in your own skin.
  • Be a more present, loving partner/parent/friend.
  • Feel whole and safe knowing that you are OK on a foundational, core level.
  • Know you are worthy, lovable and capable of great things.
  • Understand your life's purpose so you can embody it and thrive each day


With AWAKE you've found your home for mindfulness-based, wisdom-tradition inspired, present-moment therapy. Schedule a session in-person in Evergreen, CO or via live video chat. No matter your challenge, you'll experience less confusion and suffering while we work together to uncover your peaceful, joyful and intuitive nature. Depending on the session we may dig into some deeper issues while on other days we keep it light and celebrate your progress.


Here, you'll find an accepting, safe and supportive container to continue your unique journey. You'll be deeply seen and heard. You'll get to be real and authentic in session while learning to take these new skills into your daily life. You'll feel free to "go there" and your inner-knowing will always be honored. Ready to awaken to your full potential? We can't wait to meet YOU!


$180 per 60-minute session. $220 per 80-minute intake session.

Meet Erik Vienneau, LPC, MA, RYT-200

Erik is the Founder of AWAKE Mindful Living, your home for Wisdom Tradition Therapy. He offers individual psychotherapy and group sessions to support your awakening. Erik has more than 30 years of mindful living practice and is a graduate of Naropa University's unique and highly sought-after Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling Program. Erik is dedicated to meeting you where you are along the path of wellness to offer you guidance and support to create a more peaceful and health filled life. 

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See if AWAKE Mindful Therapy is right for you