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Q: Where is this year's AWAKE Festival taking place?
A: Evergreen Athletic Club (EAC) Festival Grounds, 2932 Evergreen Parkway, Evergreen, CO 80439

Q: What should I bring to AWAKE?
A: Sunscreen; blanket; meditation cushion, sunscreen, water bottle, notebook and pen.

Q: Where should I stay?
A: We have 20 highly sought-after on-site camping spots. They will fill fast. Camping spots include one parking spot and are large enough to accommodate a mid-sized tent and about 4 people. Please bring a tarp for under your tent with stakes. There are showers and restrooms available on site for our happy campers. There are also local hotels, quaint inns Air bnb properties and camping options around Evergreen. Check out Chief Hosa Campground which is about a 10-minute drive from the venue. Fall dates book quickly so reserve your spot/room asap!

Q: Will there be food and drinks available at AWAKE?
A: Yes! Food will be available for purchase to suit almost all dietary restrictions/preferences.

Here's the Raw Evoluntion Menu:

Our Savory...

A cup o’ Mac & Cheese (V, GF)


Creamy and delicious! You won't believe it's vegan. A rich cheese sauce over perfectly textured noodles, topped with seasoned toasted almond bread crumbs. 

A Cup o’ Pasta Marinara (V, GF)


A tangy, sweet and spicy tomato sauce over perfectly al dente pasta. Topped with shredded vegan cheese. Warm, flavorful and delicious! 

Brick Oven-Free Pizza (Raw, V, GF)


our delectably delicious live pizza with zucchini almond flour crust, sweet, tangy tomato sauce, cashew mozzarella, topped with olive tapenade.

served with side salad (tahini, sweet goddess or sweet pnut dressing)

Flameless Burger (w/optional Cashew Cheese) (Raw, V, GF)


our rich mushroom walnut burger, optionally covered in velvety cashew cheese, sandwiched between our live zucchini almond flatbread. 

topped with your choice of pickles, tomato, onion, sweet ketchup & mustard. 

served with side salad. 

Organic Greenleaf Salad with Burger Crumble (Raw, V, GF)


some like it simple and our organic greens are filled with powerful living nutrients. 

Topped with our flavorful vegan burger crumble and served with a choice of savory tahini, sweet goddess or tangy peanut dressing...

Entree Specials:


here we go... our once-in-a-while love for ya...


Curry Veggies Over Cauliflower Walnut Rice  (Raw, V)


Veggies In Sweet Peanut Sauce (Raw, V)

It's about the SAUCE…

and whether curry or peanut sauce, ours is sweet, tangy, flavorful!

Choose either. You can't go wrong.


Bangin’ Burritos (V)

A tortilla filled with delicious, sweet and savory options: curry or peanut veggies, vegan burger crumble, cashew cheese, salsa, beans, optional avo…


Our Sweets...


Twice as N'Ice Cream Cup (Raw, V, GF)


two scoops of our signature n’ice cream in delectable flavors: 

• chocolate swirl

• strawberry swirl

• peanut butter crunch


Guiltless Bliss Super Sundae (Raw, V, GF)


Three heaps of our n'ice cream, topped with seasonal strawberry or raspberry compote, drizzled with rich, dark cacao sauce, all atop a warm, maca fudge brownie


Choc'Lit Maca Brownie Fudge (Raw, V, GF)


rich, moist, deep, decadent, chocolate brownie fudge, layered with peanut frosting, raspberry cream, or plain, for the purist in you. 


Bless Ya Heart Fresh Fruit Cheesecake (Raw, V, GF)


our honey cashew cheesecake topped with fresh seasonal strawberry, pineapple or peach glaze... resting gently on a lemon zest crust. 


“Free Ya Chi” Chia Pudding (Raw, V, GF)


our delicious and velvety "better-than-rice pudding" pudding. spiced & sweetened with maple syrup, with an optional berry compote

Our Drinks...


Spiced Honey Lemonade (Raw, V, GF)


A sweet and just-the-right sour delight! Ice cold and refreshing with a hint of spice at the end…


Warm Chai (Raw, V, GF)


a warm sweet pleasure, our classic maple-sweetened eastern-spiced almond milk latte 


Warm Cacao with maca (Raw, V, GF)


another warm sweet pleasure, a maple-sweetened rich cacao almond milk delicacy 

* Everything we serve is made from Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Maple syrup, Honey & Superfoods, organic and locally sourced whenever possible.


Never refined sugar.

All Vegan. 

Mostly Raw.

Always gluten-free options.



Vegetarian Samosa
Potato and peas in a pastry shell served with mixed chutney vegan
$7 (2 pc.)
Khichidi Basmati rice and moving lentil stew, tempered with ginger, onion , and tomato.  Served with papadam, chopped salad, and pickle   $15
Basmati Rice with cumin
Vegan GF
Zucchini and mushroom curry 
Cauliflower, carrot, and peas curry 
Rice Bowl $14
Combo plate $17
Samosa, chutney, Rice, cauliflower, zucchini, chopped salad, papadam, and pickle 
Golden Milk $6
Turmeric Milk
Kahwa Tea $6
Saffron Green Tea


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