AWAKE Men's Group: You'll learn about the power of a Men's Group and the benefits and format of our weekly calls

Capture the opportunity to become the best version of you

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What AWAKE Men's Group can do for YOU...

- Move from a pre-programed way of dealing with life to a fully authentic way of being.

- Broaden your mind by having input of 6-8 men invested in your growth.

- Be supported in a safe space to find clarity on your life path.


- We'll meet tentatively Tuesdays 12:30 pm MTN starting Tue. Jan 2. Please note, once we have the group set three meeting options will be offered (AM/mid-day/early eve) to see if a different time/day works better for all.  

 - Let me know via email if you live in Colorado and have Insurance as you may be able to pay more than half of your monthly tuition via insurance!