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All about Camp...

Twenty lucky kids ages 5-12 years old can now be signed up for the AWAKE Kids Camp. Camp allows caretakers to take a break and do their own practice while enJOYing AWAKE Festival. We're pretty sure from talking with AWAKE Kids Camp director' Laura Karuna that your children are going to have as meaningful and fun time as you are or even better in Camp!

Kids programing will be offered right near the adult practice areas so caregivers can feel safe knowing their loved ones are right nearby. Karuna is a life-long educator well-trained and qualified to provide a rich and delightfully creative and fun experience for your little ones.

Kids Camp programming will be offered anytime that there is an adult class offered or even during evening musical experiences so you can exhale while the kids experience, a yoga obstacle course, parachute yoga, games, musical yoga, the making of prayer flags and even a tie-die shirt they can bring home!

Be sure to sign your kids up soon as we are sure Camp will fill up fast. It's only $154 ($108 early-bird) per child and this includes all their learning and fun, art supplies, snacks/drinks from our partners and more!

Meet AWAKE Kids Camp director Laura Karuna...

LAURA KARUNA, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

In college Laura studied Social Work and Woman’s Studies with an emphasis on working clinically with children and adults. Her master’s degree had an emphasis also on Adventure-Based Therapy. Laura loves to spend time in the wilderness and believes it holds great healing potential for all. 
Laura began her journey of service working as a psychotherapist in the late nineties. She worked in hospitals, treatment centers, wilderness programs and schools. Through those years she began to see the incredible potential of not only nature as an incredible healing modality, but using yoga and breathing as tools to help empower clients to gain control over their moods and help connect with their bodies. 
In 2006, she began to study yoga and meditation at the Shambhava School of Yoga. She has taught yoga and meditation classes for years with both kids and adults. She ran many yoga kids programs and camps throughout the foothills and Littleton. She is the author of a book called, “Sunshine Yoga Kids”. 

During her recent challenge with cancer she decided to help herself continue to grow and move forward by taking her yoga studies to the next level. She completed her 300 hour Yoga Therapy training with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy School. She is in the process of completing another 2 years of Yoga Therapy training as she begins working with clients. She believes she has found a beautiful combination of her skills to bring to the world and help heal others.

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